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Manufacturing Industry Expertise at Rea & Associates 

Your Trusted Partner in Growth and Efficiency 

We understand the intricacies of manufacturing and distribution businesses, from the pressure of maintaining margins to the challenges of strategic planning. Our approach is hands-on and collaborative, focusing on delivering solutions that not only solve immediate problems but also position you for long-term success. 

With over 80 years of collective experience in a variety of financial leadership roles and a reputation as a Top 100 firm, our personalized, industry-specific services are designed to foster your growth and ensure long-term success. 

Comprehensive Services Designed for Manufacturers: 

  • Profitability Enhancement: Unlock potential with our deep-dive into cost, labor, and overhead. 
  • Dynamic Pricing Strategies: Evolve your pricing models to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market. 
  • Strategic Operations Analysis: Dive deep into cost, labor, and overhead to unearth opportunities for efficiency and savings
  • Inventory and Cash Flow Mastery: Optimize your inventory and predict cash flow trends to keep your operations smooth and responsive.
  • Forward-Thinking Planning: From budgeting to forecasting - with our strategic and scenario planning, you're always prepared for what's next.

Beyond Numbers: A Partnership for Success  

Our commitment extends beyond traditional accounting services. We provide: 

  • CFO Advisory: Expert guidance on complex financial landscapes.
  • ERP Implementation: We cover all concerns to guide you through selection and implementations process to find the right ERP vendor.  
  • Financial and Operational Reporting: Data Analytics, Power BI, Dashboards, KPI - whatever you call it, we can help you connect the numbers to a strategy that helps your numbers grow.

Learn more & Join Our Network of Thriving Partners 

For insights into our innovative approaches, visit our articles on thriving in the manufacturing sector.  

Are you ready to elevate your business? Contact us for a no-obligation consultation and start transforming your operations today. To discover more about how we can drive value for your manufacturing business, contact Ryan Brickwood, CMA, head of our manufacturing team.